epmo mission playthink sm
live graphic recording, detail 3’x5′ foam board, team visioning session
closer to the customer sm
detail from electronic sketchnotes on tablet, corporate annual meeting


tcaf sketchnote
electronic sketchnote drawn live
brampton arts mural
live graphic recording on 4′ x 12′ foam core


The situation gameboard-mid
illustration of futures scenario visioning for US Air Force Research Lab


rsd4 Ann Pendleton Julian sm
live electronic sketchnotes on tablet, proceedings of academic conference


live sketchnote, community engagement
designforcare heart centre
presentation slide illustration, patient journey


twenty minutes sm
sketchnotes, personal blog post


dream business creation map 1
slide presentation, web illustration


playthink systems sm
paper sketchnote, systems literacy project


AMHO communities of practice panorama
live graphic recording on paper 4′ x 12′ stakeholders meeting


deliberative democracy sm
graphic recording on paper 3’x5′ based on telephone interview


live electronic sketchnote on tablet, public conference


ginny santos sm
live sketchnote, training presentation


TEDx PK sketches

live at TED X talks, foam core panels


paper sketchnotes for Jonathan Haidt’s Righteousmind http://righteousmind.com/cartoon/