Life Event Celebrations

During a wedding, retirement party, or memorial service, I listen to stories and conversations, and then live sketch, in words and pictures, the essential elements of the stories as told by attendees. Participants at  can witness the creation of a graphical image that summarizes the stories as they are told.

unstoppable grace
Unstoppable Grace, electronic sketchnote

These live portraits provide a unique portrait of the celebration. The image can shared on social media pages or printed as a take-home artifact.


I listen to the comments of participants,  gather stories, take notes as the stories are told.

I live sketch, in words and images, the essence of the conversations on a large board and easel (foam board, paper, or canvas depending on the wishes of the client).

elvin Beauty smaller
Elvin Beauty, detail, acrylic paint on board 24 x 18

I photograph the image, post-edit in Photoshop, and send the client the electronic image. The client keeps the original.

armoury paint two
Live painting at event (that’s me in the corner by the stairs)

I work in a variety of styles and sizes, tailored to the desires of the client.

  1. Working wall-sized on an easel so that everyone can see the image being drawn.
  2. Working small, on a tablet providing an image after the event.
  3. Live painting that includes stylized images only. (no words)