Who’s talking about visual process…
and what are they saying?

“Why Companies are Hiring Artists for their Meetings”  CNBC

Put Down the Smartphone and Pick Up a Pencil”   Wall Street Journal

“Tired of PowerPoint? Try This Instead”  Harvard Business Review

“For Polished Presentations, Think Visually”  The Globe and Mail

“The Simple Power of the Doodle” Financial Times

“See What I Mean: The Power of Visual Learning” Fast Company

“How Graphic Facilitation Can Support Project Management” PM Volunteers

” …everything has its testing point in the eye, and the eye is an organ that eventually involves the whole personality.”  Flannery O’Connor’s Sketches and the Habit of Art

“We can learn to solve complex problems with simple pictures.” Dan Roam”

“Innovation is all about seeing around corners and imagining new possibilities. The act of visualizing supports this kind of ideation.” David Sibbett

“Our maps facilitate shared understanding. We capture all the individual voices in a conversation and integrate them into a collective image. Our maps become a record of the shared experience of the meeting, retreat, workshop or conference.” Brandy Agerbeck

“The Doodle Revolution is a global campaign for visual literacy.” Sunni Brown